Hive Consultations

Beekeepers of every skill level can benefit from having someone else look at their hives. We often overlook things, or simply do not know what we can be doing to improve the health of our colonies. Nothing can replace having on-site consultation.
Hive consultation costs $60 per hour.

Mite Testing

Mites are one of the leading causes of poor honey bee health. Mites carry diseases such as deformed wing virus, and quickly weaken a colony by consuming the fat bodies of honey bees. Every colony of honey bees will have some amount of varroa mites, and ensuring that your hives’s mite levels are below threshold is vital.
Sugar roll method: $30
Alcohol wash: $45
(all testing supplies included)

Hive Sitting

If you are going to be away from your hives for an extended period of time, consider having Desert Hives perform a thorough hive inspection while you are away. You will be provided with detailed hive reports.
Each hive check, recommendations, and detailed report delivered to your inbox:
$40 per hive
$30 each for 5-10 hives
$20 each for 10+ hives


One of my favorite things to do is talk about bees. I have spoken at events such as the New Mexico Organic Farming Conference, a Bee’s Box Wines product promotion, local bee group meetings, my son’s preschool, and at a NM Pest Management Association Conference. It does not matter how big or small the venue, I love to talk bees.

I can bring live bees if the season and day are conducive to bee travel. Please contact me to discuss your educational needs.
Talks and educational activities range from $0 (for non-profits) to $150