“It’s always a pleasure to work with and alongside Amy. She’s very dependable and reliable. She’s a great presenter, mentor, and highly professional and knowledgeable in both topbar and Langstroth hives. Her reports are very articulate and include next steps. Having known Amy for over two years through the New Mexico Beekeepers Association, I highly recommend her for any service she provides.” -Marisa W.

“Amy Owen was my bee mentor for several years. When I first expressed an interest in keeping bees, she explained them to me so patiently but with such enthusiasm that I had to try my hand at beekeeping. Amy walked me through all of my beekeeping firsts: starting a hive and homing the new bees, hatch outs, catching swarms, moving my hives, and hive checks. She was always so patient with me. When I first thought about bees and having hives, I was so afraid of ‘bugs’ and especially anxious about flying insects. I would swat away at anything near me and then run…fast. Amy taught me to literally be calm in the midst of the swarm. She introduced me slowly and calmly to each new phase, helping me to be comfortable before moving on the the next task. It was a rewarding and empowering experience to overcome my anxiety and see the bees thrive under my (and Amy’s) care. I’m so less anxious now and don’t cringe when I hear the buzzing that sent me running in the past. Amy always made herself available for questions, but also encouraged me to find answers through different media to foster my own learning. Amy Owen is an amazing bee mentor. I have recommended her to many people looking for bee advice and help and will continue to do so in the future.” -Carey Schray